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a signature collection by Robert Young

YOUNG World Faces of PAN AM is a large-scale portrait exhibition made up of 41 detailed photographic images created to dynamically represent the 41 participating nations and territories of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am Games. 

•Robert Young describes the circumstances that culminated in the birth of his signature collection.

The creation of this work is the culmination of artisan and curator Robert Young’s experiences living and working internationally in Asia, West Africa, Europe, North America, and the Caribbean. As a visual content creator, artist, community advocate, philanthropist, and most importantly a humanist, Robert Young has spent over 20 years engaging in creative perspectives and implementing initiatives that uplift the human spirit, embrace our differences, and celebrate our commonality. Through the use of multimedia arts, namely film, photography, and literature, Young has been able to “Capture Life’s Passion”.

Patriotism, compassion, and a one-world community perspective are common-ground themes reflected in international sporting events like the Fifa World Cup, and the Olympics, and are certainly true of the Pan American Games. YOUNG World Faces of PAN AM has been created in the same spirit. “When you see one Face you fall in love with that nation....when you see the collection of Faces you fall in love with the world.” - Robert Young

This original creative process for YOUNG World Faces was developed by Robert Young over a 14 month period and culminated in the original collection of 7 Faces including Sierra Leone. Haiti, Korea, Jamaica, Mexico, Colombia, and Germany. The first Face was captured in New York City in the Fall of 2009, upon Young’s returned from an emotional journey to Sierra Leone, West Africa. He travelled to the nations capital on a commission to direct and produce the documentary film, Freetown Reborn. It was an emotionally trying trip that Young would not soon forget. A month later, in Toronto, Young’s sister would survive a terrible car accident that left her crushed in the vehicle, unconscious until emergency services arrived. 3 weeks later, while preparing to photograph a Haitian model in Miami, the earthquake hit Haiti and Young joined the world in it’s despair as he watched the tragedy unfold on CNN, and across social media. This prompted Young to create an uplifting piece of art for Haiti, much like he had done for Sierra Leone only a few months prior...The Face Of Haiti was born. Upon the creation of this second Face, Young then saw the light and the vision of YOUNG World Faces became his signature life’s work.

•YOUNG World Faces of Pan Am featured on CBC Television

 True to the nature of the original collection, the creation of each image for YOUNG World Faces of PAN AM was executed with a focus primarily on the colours of each flag. The colour theory and placement is exacting throughout the process of the make-up, followed by a dramatic lighting style and unique composition that renders the Face majestically hovering within the composition. The bonus element in this special Games-commissioned edition of the collection is that all 41 women photographed, not only have roots in each of the 41 participating nations of the Games, they are also all residents of Toronto.

“The compilation of all the images create a stimulating juxtaposition, wherein, at the moment of viewing, our differences and commonality as human beings are simultaneously celebrated. See Yourself.” -Robert Young

Special thanks to all of our partners & supporters in this endeavor.

Imagefoundry • Jocelyn Santos • MAC • Nikon
Cloud 9 • Alter Ego Post • Pattision • Envision
Eric Joseph • Shell German
Canvas Malibu

Dedicated to, and in loving memory of, Vinette Gwendolyn Young

•Robert Young In The News on CTV's national morning show Canada AM.